Build report

Last updated:
November 27, 2023

Within the Build report tab, you can select and work with the pages available in your report, as well as setting some additional options.

Change the report title

To change the report title, click the pencil icon alongside the existing title, then enter the one you want to use.

Change the report date

To change the report date, click the existing date and then select the new month. You can run the report up to and including the most recent completed month.

Select the report template

To choose your template, select it from the Report template drop-down list.

There are two templates available.

Save your template

Once you've made changes to your template, we recommend that you save your own template. This ensures that your report format can be easily retrieved later, for this organisation or any others you add to Spotlight Sustain.

  1. Click Save as template.
  2. Enter a template name, then click Save.

    Note: If you've previously saved your template, you can choose to update the existing report instead of saving with a new name, if you prefer.

Add a new page

If you need to include a new page in your report, you can add this.

You can find details of the different pages available here.

Once you've made any changes you need, you can share your report.

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