Sumday data

Last updated:
March 25, 2024

If you record your data to Sumday, you can import this into Spotlight Sustain. When you choose this option, you can export a file from Sumday and import it into Spotlight straight away.

The data included

For the import, we use the Carbon Summary by Month report from Sumday to import carbon information. This populates the Carbon charts in Spotlight. If you need to include other data in your report, you can also include manual or Excel imported data.

To add your data

  1. In Sumday, open the Home screen and from the left-hand menu, choose Reports.
  2. Select the Carbon Summary by Month report.
  3. Click Export, then when prompted, choose Spotlight Reporting. This downloads a file which is suitable to be imported directly into Spotlight.
  4. Within Spotlight, in the Add data tab, select Sumday.
  5. From step 2, click Select file, then browse to and select the file exported from Sumday.
  6. In step 3, choose how to handle dates for the import:

    Import all available dates - Imports all of the information in your template.

    Select a date range to import - You can select which months to import. This option can be useful if you've previously imported some data.\
  7. To add your data, click Import.

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