Discover the benefits of Spotlight Sustain for your clients or stakeholders

Spotlight Sustain delivers a powerful, easy to use ESG reporting platform enabling your firm, business or team to get ahead of the ESG reporting curve for your stakeholders and clients.

Build client & stakeholder trust

Help your clients and stakeholders provide transparency and achieve sustainable practices.

Enable competitive advantage

Attract customers and investors looking to align with organisations with best-practice ESG reporting.

brand reputation

Help safeguard your business or client's reputation by identifying and mitigating ESG related risks.

Improve efficiency & financial sustainability

Identify opportunities to improve operations, cost efficiency and financial sustainability.

Attract capital and investment

Enable access to ESG-focused investors and lenders opening doors to potential growth.

Stay ahead of compliance

Get ahead of evolving ESG regulations now, to future proof your business or clients.

Who uses Spotlight Sustain?

Spotlight Sustain is perfect for accounting firms delivering advisory services to help their clients achieve and report on their ESG goals. It's also an ideal solution for in-house ESG teams, and other ESG solution providers.

Advisors & Accountants

Stay competitive, and help your clients navigate sustainable, ethical and financially beneficial practices and be ESG ready.

Help your clients be prepared for ESG regulations and reporting
Enable your clients to achieve sustainable & profitable practices
Create new revenue streams for your practice
Business owners & directors

Enable your business to align with sustainable, responsible practices and offer transparency to your stakeholders and investors.

Attract ESG-focused customers, investors and lenders
Identify areas for improvement and achieve your ESG goals
Create sustainable strategies and increase the value of your organisation
ESG solution providers

Spotlight Sustain will enable ESG teams and solution providers to assess and manage the risks, opportunities and achieve best practices to drive long-term value.

Visually report on risks and opportunities for the business
Monitor and track environmental and social impacts
Deliver customisable, beautiful ESG reports to your stakeholders

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Role-based access control

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Advanced reporting and analytics
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Enhanced collaboration and team management features
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Advanced customization options
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