A-Z List Feature Guide

Our Spotlight Sustain A-Z List Feature Guide provides a clear direction for you or your business to grow a trusted advisor relationship with your clients.

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24/7 Online Support
Support team in multiple territories covering all time zones. Weekend cover too.
Action Plan
Help your clients set, monitor and achieve goals - right within Spotlight Sustain.
Add image/PDF
Insert custom PDF or images into the Spotlight Sustain for board pack reporting.
Advanced Template
Create an advanced report and report on metrics like carbon culture, and other categories.
Build Report
Customise your report layout and content.
Report on your carbon footprint and mitigation measures.
Chart Gallery
Include a page of up to six charts. You can customise this page to change which charts are included, or create your own.
Colour Palettes
Change and apply a consistent colour scheme throughout your report.
Community Impact
Report on your key community impacts, including volunteering hours and sponsorships.
Report on company culture.
Culture & Diversity
Report on company culture and diversity in chart format with commentary, including eNPS, tenure and diversity.
Customer Satisfaction
Report on key customer metrics, including NPS, customer satisfaction, trainings and market reviews.
Flexible and scaleable - save time, effort and stress with reports & charts.
Data Edit Capability
Editable data grid for quick data entry and adjustments.
Report on diversity across your organisation.
Report on your renewable and/or non-renewable energy resource usage.
Excel Import
Import from Excel for additional customisation or manipulation.
Executive Summary
Enter comments, goals and recommendations, and use tags and auto text to automatically generate values based on your data.
Formula Gallery
Use formulas for bespoke charting - share/re-use these across your practice.
Health, Safety & Wellness
Report on the health safety, and wellness.
Help Centre
Represents the FAQs and the most common issues customers encounter.
KPI Planet
Measure ESG related KPIs against set targets, outlining when the company has met, exceeded, or missed objectives.
Lite Template
Create a lite report and report on metrics like carbon culture, and community.
Manually Add Data
Choose this option to manually add data into the data grid.
Move Or Copy A Chart
Save time and effort with reports & charts - easy drag and drop functionality.
PDF Reports
View or download a report as a PDF.
Preview and Share
Send your report by email, view it online, publish, or downalod as PDF.
Privacy & Security
Report on the number of privacy and security incidents.
Report Code Mapping
Auto assigned report codes are used to map your chart of accounts into reports.
Select Template
Choose Lite or Advanced template to create a report.
Text Panels
Insert a text into any page where a chart normally appears.

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