Publish your report

Last updated:
February 6, 2024

Once you've completed the report, and shared it with the relevant people, we recommend that you publish it. Publishing the report takes a snapshot of the report and the data as it stands at that point, so that this copy of the report is available in the future even if you later import changed data.

  1. From the Preview & share tab click Publish report.
  2. A prompt appears to confirm the effect of publishing your report. To continue, click Publish report again.
  3. The report is published, and the only tab available at the top of the window is now Preview & share.

If needed, you can unpublish your report, however we recommend that this is only done if the report was published in error. If you need to create a new report because data has been updated, you can do this from the Create new report link on the main dashboard.

If you need to view your published reports later, you can access the report history.

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