Last updated:
November 26, 2023


You can use the Energy page to track energy usage and source over time, and compare monthly results against your targets.

The page includes four charts, plus an additional commentary panel for your own observations.

Data required

To be able to show data on all charts in the page, you will need to import values for the following accounts, or enter them directly within Build data:

Note: The report codes for the accounts will be automatically assigned.

  • Renewable Energy - ENV.NRG.SRC.REN
  • Non-renewable Energy - ENV.NRG.SRC.NON
  • Energy Usage - ENV.NRG.USG

Charts included

Energy source

Overview: The energy source is the way in which the energy was obtained - renewable or non-renewable.

Formula: Renewable Energy and Non-renewable Energy.

Report codes: ENV.NRG.SRC

Further details: 

Renewable energy

Overview: Renewable energy is energy from renewable sources which can be replenished and doesn't have a negative impact on the environment. Some examples are sun,wind,water, and solar.

Formula: Renewable Energy (actual vs target)

Report codes: ENV.NRG.SRC.REN

Further details: 

Non-renewable energy

Overview: Non-renewable energy is energy from non-renewable sources. It cannot be restored, replaced or replenished in a short period of time. Some examples are oil, natural gas and coal.

Formula: Non-renewable Energy (actual vs target)

Report codes: ENV.NRG.SRC.NON

Further details: 

Energy usage

Overview: Energy usage is the amount of energy totally consumed.

Formula: Energy Usage (actual vs target)

Report codes: ENV.NRG.USG

Further details: 

Energy commentary

This is an additional text panel where you can include your observations about the charts or data on the page. You can find details about how to work with text panels here.

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