Customer satisfaction charts

Last updated:
November 26, 2023


Overview:  Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric to measure customer satisfaction and clients loyalty to your product or brand. It helps to predict companies growth and customer relationship.

Formula: NPS Score (actual vs target)

Report codes: CUS.ENG.SAT

NPS categories

Overview: NPS categories are classified into one of the following types, Promoters, Passives or Detractors based on the customer score. This can help organisations to measure customers opinions and feedback.

Formula: Promoters, Passives, Detractors

Report codes: CUS.ENG.SAT

Customer education

Overview: Customer education programs play a key role in improving customer satisfaction. It can reduce support queries and increase customer learning experience.

Formula: Customer Education (includes Training Sessions, Webinars, Certifications)

Report codes: CUS.ENG.EDU

Market ratings

Overview: Ratings are used to evaluate the product or the services offered by the company. They are often presented on review or rating portals like Google, Trustpilot.

Formula: Market Ratings (actual vs target)

Report codes: CUS.ENG.REV

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