Community impact charts

Last updated:
November 26, 2023


Overview: Donations that your organisation makes to charities or charitable outreach entities.

Formula: Donations and Money Raised (actual vs target)

Report codes: COM.IMP.DON


Overview: Volunteering enhances the company's reputation and employee morale, while also making a positive impact on the community. You can report on any initiatives or voluntary activities in which the organisation and its employees take part.

Formula: Volunteering (actual vs target)

Report codes: COM.IMP.VOL

Sponsorship & partnerships

Overview: Sponsorships and partnerships offer companies a chance to positively impact their communities by supporting local initiatives and fostering social responsibility, which can strengthen community bonds and create a more sustainable and prosperous environment.

Formula: Sponsorship and Partnerships (actual vs target)

Report codes: COM.IMP.SPO

Money raised

Overview:  Money raised through charity can make a powerful impact and bond the local community. You can report on any initiatives your organisation chooses to raise money for the community.

Formula: Money Raised (actual vs target)

Report codes: COM.IMP.MON

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