Accounts and report codes

Last updated:
November 26, 2023

When working in Spotlight Sustain, the default charts are set up to include specific account names and report codes. A report code is a way for the account to be identified by type and correctly placed on the reports. Multiple accounts may have the same report codes.

You can view the accounts and report codes within the Add data tab.

The default accounts and report codes

Names Report Codes
Donations COM.IMP.DON
Money Raised COM.IMP.MON
Sponsorship and Partnerships COM.IMP.SPO
Volunteering COM.IMP.VOL
Customer Adoption CUS.ENG.ADO
Certifications CUS.ENG.EDU
Training Sessions CUS.ENG.EDU
Webinars CUS.ENG.EDU
Market Ratings CUS.ENG.REV
Detractors CUS.ENG.SAT
Passives CUS.ENG.SAT
Promoters CUS.ENG.SAT
Privacy and Security Investment CUS.PRI.FIN
Privacy and Security Incidents CUS.PRI.QUA
Carbon Emissions Scope 1 ENV.CAR.CON.SCO
Carbon Emissions Scope 2 ENV.CAR.CON.SCO
Carbon Emissions Scope 3 ENV.CAR.CON.SCO
Carbon Emissions Total ENV.CAR.CON.TOT
Carbon Offset Investment ENV.CAR.RED.FIN
Trees Planted ENV.CAR.RED.QUA
Non-renewable Energy ENV.NRG.SRC.NON
Renewable Energy ENV.NRG.SRC.REN
Energy Usage ENV.NRG.USG
Tenure: 2 to 5 Years PEO.CUL.TEN
Tenure: Less than 1 year PEO.CUL.TEN
Tenure: Over 5 Years PEO.CUL.TEN
Tenure: 1 to 2 Years PEO.CUL.TEN
Employee Trainings PEO.CUL.TRA
Employee Turnover PEO.CUL.TUR
Ethnicity: Asian PEO.DIV.ETH
Ethnicity: European PEO.DIV.ETH
Ethnicity: Indian PEO.DIV.ETH
Ethnicity: Indigenous PEO.DIV.ETH
Ethnicity: Latina PEO.DIV.ETH
Ethnicity: Other PEO.DIV.ETH
Female Leaders PEO.DIV.GEN.LEA
Gender Diverse Leaders PEO.DIV.GEN.LEA
Male Leaders PEO.DIV.GEN.LEA
Female Employees PEO.DIV.GEN.NON
Gender Diverse Employees PEO.DIV.GEN.NON
Male Employees PEO.DIV.GEN.NON
Health, Safety and Wellness Investment PEO.HNS.FIN
Health and Safety Incidents PEO.HNS.QUA.INC
Health, Safety and Wellness Training PEO.HNS.QUA.TRA
Female Pay % PEO.PAY.GEN
Gender Diverse Pay % PEO.PAY.GEN
Male Pay % PEO.PAY.GEN

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