November 28, 2023

Spotlight Sustain: ESG Reporting Made Simple

Richard Francis, FCA
CEO & Co-founder

Spotlight Sustain is more than just a new product, it's an affirmation of our mission to create disproportionate impact. From the genesis of Spotlight Reporting 12 years ago, we have been driven to be a pebble creating ripples across the pond (from in our case the edge of the planet, Aotearoa New Zealand), predominantly in the accounting and ‘office of the CFO’ eco-systems.

To this day we remain a small but passionate team combining great software with the human touch. We continue to innovate and respond to customer needs, whilst also looking through a long lens at what our next disproportionate impact could be.  

We believe that if ever there was a time to create a new and positive ripple, it’s now. By now, everyone realises that our planet’s inhabitants and organisations are grappling with unprecedented change and how to measure, reduce and mitigate the consequences of our human activity and choices.  Transparency is lacking, the rules of engagement are unclear and we are still learning what it means to be good citizens and guardians of our world.

In our own small way, we hope to use our decade plus of reporting and forecasting experience to shine a light on ESG metrics, and to encourage and educate the ‘sustainable-conscious’ organisations that want to ‘measure what matters’ beyond the dollar signs. This is us ‘leaning in’ alongside those in the front lines of carbon footprint mitigation, sustainability advisory, progressive accounting, leading certification organisations, and those encouraging and guiding momentum on diversity, gender, community and other aspects of sound governance and corporate citizenry. 

Our belief is that by allowing a coalition of the willing – and yes, there will be compulsion increasingly too as regulators move beyond strictly financial measures of success and impact – to more easily report holistically across their spectrum of possible ESG measures and KPIs, we may just have a positive impact on actions and outcomes. If we can be a tiny part of the way forward on climate change, community endeavour, customer satisfaction and accessibility, sound and transparent governance and employee opportunity and diversity, then count us in!

By now you can probably tell that Spotlight Sustain has been a personal product journey for me and many on the team, too. After all, don’t we all want our organisations, people, communities and planet to thrive? Our work here has just begun…we hope you’ll join us!

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