May 23, 2024

ESG and the Advisory Journey: Getting Started with Spotlight Sustain & Sumday

Shane Lowe
Marketing Manager

We are excited to announce our integration partnership with Sumday the carbon accounting app that enables businesses to account for carbon emissions in line with global standards and get ahead of the curve on reporting requirements.

Our integration makes it easy to import your Sumday data into Spotlight Sustain and create visual Carbon Emission reports alongside the rest of your ESG reporting requirements.

Watch Richard Francis, CEO & Co-Founder of Spotlight Reporting, and Jessica Richmond, CEO & Co-Founder of Sumday, in this recently recorded webinar for an insightful session on ESG and the Advisory journey.

You will learn how to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of ESG and Carbon Accounting, and better understand the crucial role that experienced advisors play in guiding companies through these changes.

They also shared insights into the following areas:

  • The ESG Advisory opportunity
  • How being an ESG advisor can positively impact the financial landscape for clients
  • Actionable advice on initiating a sustainability journey with your clients
  • and more!

The tide is turning. Investors and stakeholders are increasingly demanding transparency on a company's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. This shift presents a golden opportunity for accountants to expand their service offerings. By leveraging ESG reporting and the right software tools, like Spotlight Sustain and Sumday, you can deliver new Advisory services enabling your clients to showcase the positive impact of their business.

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